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About | Bio

Live out of your imagination, not your history.” —Stephen Covey

Golden Practices, Inc. works exclusively with professional firms to help them see past their history into the potential of their futures. Your potential is limited only by your imagination.

Michelle’s business purpose—her “why”—centers on changing results through viewing things in new ways. She explains:

“Changing our results requires changing our actions.
Because what we do proves what we believe,
only when we change our beliefs can we progress.
New insights are what cause us to shift our beliefs.”

So what results do you want to attain? Call Michelle (785-309-2569) when it’s time for progress.

About Michelle Golden

Michelle Golden

Michelle Golden, CPF President

Michelle is a growth and profitability strategist. She facilitates and teaches about growth, positioning, and pricing strategies; leadership; operations; and business communications.

What she does best—differently from others—is energize people while she shows them how to solve really hard stuff. She clarifies the complicated. She sheds new light. She instills hope. She sets you up to make big progress possible.

On the forefront of innovative practice management strategies, she’s a senior fellow of VeraSage Institute, the think tank for advancing the knowledge professions. Michelle is recognized for her original ideas and success with practical implementation, even as she challenges the most sacred cows. Some recent acknowledgements:

Ten Most Powerful Women in Accounting in Accounting Today & WebCPA in 2009
25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting
by CPA Practice Advisor in 2012 and 2013
Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013
Top 25 Thought Leaders in Public Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor in 2012 and 2013

Michelle is a skilled meeting and retreat facilitator who holds the International Association of Facilitators’ Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) designation. Her deep knowledge of firm operations and sharp observation skills allow her grasp a firm’s nuances quickly. She then guides firm owners and their teams on their unique paths toward improved profitability, smoother operations, and stronger cultures.

Since 1999, she’s helped more than 100 CPA, law, and wealth-management firms achieve results such as: doubling revenue, attracting and inspiring talent, aligning operations with long-term objectives, discovering and leveraging their differentiation, substantially increasing sales and proposal results, strengthening relationships with their clients, and finding more joy in their work.

Her 25+ year career background includes roles as in-house marketing director in a 400-person law firm and an 80-person CPA firm. Before marketing professional firms, Michelle was an accountant with two publicly traded healthcare companies. After building a successful consulting practice, she became intrigued and inspired by the uniqueness of one of her clients, Kennedy and Coe. She joined the firm in late 2013 as a member of it’s leadership team, but continues her speaking and facilitation for other firms as well.

Speaking and Teaching

Michelle leads workshops and speaks professionally for lots of organizations. See her speaking credentials.


Michelle’s popular Golden Practices blog educates and influences professionals, their marketers, and other consultants. Since she started blogging in 2005, she quickly earned the readership of the most prominent law and accounting practice management consultants. Read what people say about the blog.

Michelle's Book

Social Media Strategies for Professionals and Their Firms (Wiley, 2011) is Michelle’s timeless guide to modern marketing. It’s an introduction to comprehensive marketing strategy that includes practical details about integrating social media into otherwise traditional initiatives. Unique in its depth, it’s rare to find a book so tailored to professional services versus product marketing (order Social Media Strategies).

In 2010, she developed the Social Media Toolkit for AICPA PCPS members and authored “Guide to an Effective CPA Firm Website,” a chapter in Bull’s Eye! The Ultimate How-To Marketing & Sales Guide (AICPA, 2010) (order Bull’s Eye!).

She was a regular columnist for CPA Practice Advisor (2012-13). Her work and opinions also appear in publications including: Forbes.com, Law.com, National Law Journal, Journal of Accountancy, CGA Canada Magazine, Accounting Today, Accounting Tomorrow, Wealth Management Insider, CPA Insider, WebCPA, AccountingWEB, CCH Partners, CCH First Choice, CCH Journal of Tax Practice Management, Practical Accountant, CPA Trendlines, CPA Marketing Report, CPA Managing Partner Report, MarkeTrends, INSIDE Public Accounting, Lawyer Marketing, Managing Partner, MPI’s One+ magazine, and various AmCity Business Journals.

Many of Michelle’s articles are available online.

Professional Associations

International Association of Facilitators (IAF): Lifetime sustaining member, former global board of directors, and US Regional Representative.

Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM): past board member/officer;  founder and administrator (for the first five years) of AAM’s Member Discussion List; 2003 conference chair, conference committee member (1995-2003), and honored as 2001 AAM Volunteer of the Year.

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