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Social Media Strategies for Professionals and their Firms633106_cover.indd
by Michelle Golden (2011, John Wiley & Sons)
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and it made Dawn Westerberg’s Best Non-Fiction of 2010 list

Chapter: “Guide to an Effective CPA Firm Website ” bullseye
Bull’s-Eye! The Ultimate How-To Marketing & Sales Guide for CPAs 
(2010, AICPA)
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Michelle’s Articles

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The Changing Face of Accounting and Accounting Technology
by Isaac O’Bannon, Cover Story, CPA Practice Advisor, Sep 2013

Mythbusting Social Media: Have You Maximized Your Online Marketing Yet?
by Shannon Edwards, ASPPA Newsroom, Jul 2013

Is Your Mission Statement a Warning Sign About the Future of Your Firm?
by Michelle Golden, CPA Practice Advisor, Mar 2013

Herding Virtual Cats: How to Lead Multiple-Office and Off-Site Teams
by Melinda Guillemette and Michelle Golden, CPA Practice Management Forum, Nov 2012

Selling Profitable Work When the Fee-Squeeze Is On
by Michelle Golden, Association for Accounting Marketing’s Growth Strategies. Oct 2012

Keep Your Elbows off the Computer Table (and Online Etiquette that Mom Wants You to Know)
by Michelle Golden, CPA Practice Advisor, Oct 2012

What’s Your Pricing Strategy?
by Sarah Johnson, Accounting Tomorrow, 20 Aug 2012

How to Weave Social Media Into Your Firm’s Marketing
by Michelle Golden, CPA Practice Advisor, Jul 2012

Blogs as the Ultimate FAQ Page: the Holy Grail of Marketing for Tax & Accounting Professionals
by Michelle Golden, CPA Practice Advisor, May 2012

Inside the Struggle Over Value Pricing Versus Hourly Billing
by Danielle Lee, Accounting Today, Apr 2012

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Firm
by Michelle Golden, CPA Practice Advisor, Mar 2012

Modern Marketing for Regulated Financial Firms: Social Media is Standard Fare
by Michelle Golden, Planner, Nov/Dec 2011 (AICPA PFP Section members only)

Creating Trust as a Financial Adviser: Leveraging the PFS Credential
by Michelle Golden, Wealth Management Insider, 17 Nov 2011

Get a Big Payoff from Client Satisfaction Surveys
CCH’s First Choice Newsletter, Jul 2011

Sell the Conversation When Selling Yourself, Proposes Michelle Golden at AAM Marketing Summit
by Danielle Lee, Accounting Tomorrow, 8 Jun 2011

“Where Do Traditional Marketing and Social Media Intersect?”
by Michelle Golden, The Asset, Missouri Society of CPAs, May 2011

Content Curation: Is it strategic syndication or simply saturation?
by Ryan Zuk, Public Relations Tactics (PRSA) Apr 2011

Keeping Your Firm Competitive
AccountingToday, 1 Apr 2011

How to Create a Social Media Policy
by Julia Paulus, St Louis Small Business Monthly, Mar 2011

Blog Star: The Internet Offers Infinite Space in Which to Carve Out a Piece of Blogger Stardom
by Christine Bockelman, Insight Magazine (Illinois CPA Society), Fall 2010

Social Media -First-hand Lessons in Effectively Responding To and Within the Medium
by Michael Pinchera, One+ Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Nov 2010

Find Your Way Out of the Economic Maze” (page 10)
by John Hiatt, Partners magazine (CCH publication), Fall 2010

Untangling the Value of Social Media
by Michael Pinchera, One+ Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Oct 2010

Positioning: Top Tips from Social Media Experts
AICPA PCPS’ Seasonality Success, Fall 2010 Vol #3, Issue 4

“The Consultant’s View: Why Get Involved in Social Media – The Pressure is Mounting.”
co-authored by Michelle Golden, AAM MarkeTrends, Sep/Oct 2010

12 Hot Growth Tips for CPA Firms
by Rick Telberg, CPA Trendlines, 17 May 2010

Can Facebook Kill Face-to-Face Networking?
by Tracy Crevar Warren, AICPA CPA Insider, 10 May 2010

Positioning: Making Sense of Social Media Options
AICPA PCPS’ Seasonality Success, Spring 2010 Vol #3, Issue 3

Blogging by Numbers
by Mindy Abramowitz, CGA Canada Magazine, Mar/Apr 2010

Meet Now, Measure Later
WebCPA, Mar 2010

Communication is Essential to Retaining Clients
AccountingWEB, Feb 2010

Consulting Zone: Accounting firms venture into new areas to augment seasonal business segments
Memphis Business Journal, 4 Jan 2010

Death to Death-by-Meetings
by Michelle Golden, Accounting Today & WebCPA, 1 Sep 2009

Charting a Firm’s Social Media & Communications Policy
by Michelle Golden, Practical Accountant & WebCPA, Jun 2009

Operating and Growing in a Down Economy
by Michelle Golden, AccountingWEB 5 Feb 2009 (free registration req’d to read)

iPods Are Not the Enemy
by Liz Gold, Accounting Tomorrow, Feb 2009

“Seven web site tips to help you bring in more clients and new job candidates”
by Stella Oefinger, CCH’s CPA Practice Management Forum, Jan 2009

How to Build a Better Law Blog, Dec 2008

Providing Forensic Accounting Services as a Small Firm
by Tracy Coenen, FOCUS – Newsletter of the AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Section, 27 Oct 2008

“New Media Trends in Recruiting”
AAM MarkeTrends, Sep/Oct 2008

“Thompson Dunavant launches web sites as part of national niche tax business push”
Memphis Business Journal, 12-18 Sep 2008

“Jumping Through Hoops”
Memphis Business Journal, 13-19 Jun 2008

Networking in the Age of Social Media“ 
by Michelle Golden, AAM MarkeTrends, May/Jun 2008

“How One Partner’s Passion Provides Clients and Others with Twelve Months of Inspiration” 
INSIDE Public Accounting
, Feb 2008

“Surfing with the T100″ 
Accounting Today
, Top 100 People special supplement, 2008

“Measuring Marketing Efforts”
by Michelle Golden, BlawgWorld 2007

by Michelle Golden, Recovery Magazine (UK publication for insolvency practitioners) Summer 2007

“This Isn’t Your Teenager’s ‘MySpace’ Site: The Case for Professional CPA Firm Blogs” 
INSIDE Public Accounting
, May 2007

“Smart Stops on the Web”
Journal of Accountancy, Sep 2007

Blogging for Dollars
by Liz Gold, WebCPA, Aug 2007

Accounting Blog Success Also Visible at Domestic Firm
by Rob La Gatta, Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Jun 2007

English Accountants Make Their Way to the Blogosphere
by Rob La Gatta, Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Jun 2007

Who ARE Your Best Clients? And What Do You Do Once You Know?”
by Michelle Golden, CCH’s CPA Practice Management Forum, Feb 2007

“Secrets of Accounting for Show Business”
by Scott H. Cytron, CPA Magazine, Aug/Sep 2006

“Lawyer-Bloggers: Fact or Fiction?”
by Ari Kaplan, Legal Technology section, 5 Jul 2006

“Get Close to Your Clients” (on CRM)
by Michael Hayes, American Marketing Association and Journal of Accountancy, online issue, Jun 2006

“What Innovation Really Looks Like”
FORTUNE’s Business Innovation Blog, Dec 2005

“Upselling Strategies for Today’s CPA Firm” 
 (Japanese publication for accountants), Aug 2005

“What a Consultant Does for a Firm”
by Howard W. Wolosky, Practical Accountant, Aug 2005

“The Successful Marketing Role” 
 (Japanese publication for accountants), Aug 2005

Do You Want Fries With That? Why ‘Up-Selling’ Is a Preferred Strategy Over ‘Cross-Selling’ in CPA Firms
by Michelle Golden and Michael Platt, AAM MarkeTrends, 2005

Which Firms Have The Best Web Sites? These Three Ensure Good ROI With Well-Planned Strategy, Content And Goals
INSIDE Public Accounting, Expert Q&A, May 2005

The Hope Promotion
by Michelle Golden, Practical Accountant, Jul 2004

“Enhance Your Credibility With Facilitation Skills: Marketers possess raw materials of diplomats.”
by Michelle Golden, CPA Marketing Report, 2004

Syriez Magazine (now ACCS, Japanese publication for accountants), Aug 2003

“Boost Marketing Efforts this Tax Season with Traditional and Electronic Media” 
ADP Accountant Focus
, Winter 2002

“CPAs Get Into Focus” (on using focus groups in CPA firms)
by Roslyn Myers, Journal of Accountancy, Feb 2002

“Seminars: Are They A Thing Of The Past? Keys To Successful Credibility Building And Educating In A Saturated Marketplace”
by Michelle Golden, CCH’s Journal of Tax Practice Management, Nov-Dec 2002

“Brand Builders”
by Marilyn Vise, St Louis Business Journal, 11 Jan 2002

“Outsourcing, A Sage Approach to Maximize Practice Development”
by Michelle Golden, Accounting Today, 7-20 May 2001

“Billing: Some Rates Soar, Others Barely Budge”
by Carla T. Main, The National Law Journal, 18 Dec 2000

“Marketers Rally Around Mission Statements” 
CPA Marketing Report
, Oct 2000

“Law Firms Catching On”
by Larry Bodine, Marketing For Lawyers, 7 Nov 1999

“Design Is Key To Face-to-Face Client Interviews”
CPA Marketing Report, Jan 1997

“Ask Clients, ‘Can We Talk?’” 
CPA Marketing Report
, Dec 1996