Smoother Practice Management

Smoother Practice Management

Planning, aligning, and troubleshooting.

When you and your partners have important decisions to make or tough issues to address, Michelle Golden is the thought-provoking advisor you’ll be glad you’ve looked to.

“A true strategic asset of the firm, Michelle is an important member of our management team and makes a tangible contribution that is not limited solely to the marketing arena. She has consistently provided value to us beyond the cost of her services.”
—Tim Cole, President, Gurrie (now Baker Tilly/Virchow Krause)

And when you just need a sounding board, someone neutral to bounce ideas off of or vent to, she lends a valuable ear with a knack for asking questions that help leaders get to the answers that often are already within them.

Improving interactions in and outside of the firm

Michelle is a great resource when your firm wants to improve communication, transparency, and management skills.

“Our 360 review process was very useful and highly applicable. First class material and well presented. It was educational, entertaining and useful.”
—Ray Iler and Glen Wigney, Partners, Deloitte

With facilitative approaches, and important context setting, she conducts and delivers results of customized 360° evaluations, DiSC Behavioral Profiles, and other insightful, self-exploration tools.

Learnings are applied for personal improvement in a number of ways including leadership, management, general communication, and sales/marketing techniques.

“Michelle Golden is one of the smartest and most creative people consulting to our profession today. She accepts nothing at face value, does not go with any existing thoughts as to what will work or not. She is brilliant, dedicated, determined and brings a perspective to winning marketing strategies that others cannot. She knows our industry inside and out and is compulsively conscientious. Michelle is one of the very few people who consult to our business that I would hire myself!”
—Allan Boress, CPA, Consultant and Author of “I Hate Selling”

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is vital to a firm’s ability to focus a group of individually-minded owners toward a single destination. We lead retreats or complete the planning as a series of meetings over a period of time.

We participate in strategic planning of all size firms (from two partners, to Top 100 firms) either on the “same side of the table” as the stakeholders, as an informed bystander and advisor, or as the neutral facilitator.

Informal consultation

It’s never a bad time to pick up the phone and give Michelle a call. There is no “meter.” After an introductory discussion, agree on your fixed consultation price for continued discussions.