Recharge Your Marketing

Recharge Your Marketing

Every year or two, firm’s management should step back and look at the business from a fresh perspective.

Are we doing the things that make the most sense? Are we achieving the best results we can? Do we clearly understand the constraints holding us back and how to overcome them?

“Michelle is one of those people in the CPA consulting world you need to know about. She is one of the best advisors for CPA marketing and more.”
—Rita Keller, Possibilities for CPA Firm Leaders


Golden Practices provides high-level strategic marketing direction for firms who do not have a CMO-level person in-house. This can be a one-time event, annual, semi-annual, or quarterly.

•    Strategic marketing clarity and a fresh operational perspective
•    Analysis of the firm’s strengths, and unique constraints
•    Recommendations about how to overcome them

Receive specific recommendations for marketing initiatives likeliest to succeed, based on your firm’s current structure, position and available budget.

“Very informative, useful. It is amazing how good I feel about marketing after this.” (following 2-day Individual Marketing Plan workshop)
—Rob Devries, Sr. Accountant, Larry Nunn & Associates


Michelle helps with strategic and marketing plan development, too.

Empowering partners and team members, we illustrate the many ways operations and marketing are intertwined. The new perspective creates stronger appreciation for marketing and encourages new, better business development-related habits among all levels in the firm.

Results are positive organizational changes as well as improved marketing implementation and business growth outcomes.